About Microwave Wattage Conversion

My microwave is 1.6 kw (1600 watts).

One might believe that an 800 watt microwave oven takes twice as long as a 1600 watt oven.

But it is not as simple as dividing the wattage.

If you own 500 – 600 watt microwave oven, and my recipe called for 1 minute of cooking, then you can try 1 minute, check the food, then if necessary, add cooking time 10 seconds at a time to reach the optimum.  If you simply cook for twice as long, you will burn the food.

If your own microwave oven is about 1000 watt, and my recipe called for 1 minute of cooking, then 1 minute should cook the food quite well, but if you think it is a little undercooked, you can always add cooking time, incrementally.

If your microwave oven is more powerful than 1.6 kw, and my recipe called for 1 minute of cooking, then you can always cook for 30 seconds and if undercooked then add cooking time, little by little to reach optimum.

The only way to get the optimum conversion rate is repetitive trial and error.

There are many websites that give you the conversion table: but it is not likely to give you the accurate time conversion.

For example, if your microwave oven was 600 watt, and the conversion table might suggest that you  cook (1600/600=) 2.67 times as long as I cook in my oven.  If you trust the conversion table created by such careless light-headedness, then you will end up with burning the food very badly, and more likely to set the house on fire if the food contained a lot of fat.  ( I am not exaggerating, been there, done that…)

Undercooking is correctable, but overcooking is irreversible.

When you are checking the food’s doneness, you might stare at the turning table inside of the oven while cooking.  But I don’t recommend that.  It is not good for your eyes.  You can keep some physical distance from the microwave while cooking and quickly glance at the oven and see if boiling or not.  Instead of trying to stare at the food, simply pause and open the door to check the foods.  Even though the current ovens are made well; there might be invisible defects that we cannot sense.  The electric magnetic fields are created more or less.  Although many peole would laugh at me, saying that being outside under the sunshine is much more dangerous than being next to microwave oven while cooking, not everything works as logical as human brains can see and think.  It is going to be too late when IT Happens!  I would hate for my family members to be too close to microwave oven while cooking.

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