These are the equipments that I own;but not all are necessary.


  • Melon Baller $2.15 including tax at wal-mart 09/20/2010, Zyrex ice cream scoop free   with ice cream gift, another round no brand ice cream scoop purchased at grocery store long time ago.

  •  Pairing Knives (a set of 4) $1.06 including tax,  and whisks (3) $2.70 including tax,  at wal-mart, purchased 9/2/ 2010: the largest whisk was cut for future span sugar making.
  • 6″ dia ring mold (1) and 4″ ring molds (6), total $8.74 including S/H, 09/11/2010, at e-bay.

  • Transparecy Film, Office Max, 110 sheets, 8″ x 11″
  • Cellophane Film Roll, 40″ x 100′  $5.45 including tax at Michael’s after 50% off coupon, purchased on 9/14/2010


  • Fondant Rolling Pin, Witon 8.5″ length, 1″ diameter, with1/8″ and 1/16″ guide rings, $3.81 including tax, purchased at Michael’s on 9/12/2010 with 50% off coupon.
  • Gold Pearl Dust for cake decoration, Wilton, 0.1 oz (3 g), $2.03 including tax, purchased at Michael’s on 9/13/2010 after 50% off coupon.
  • Sugar pearl, pearlized sprinkles, Wilton, 5 oz (141 g) $2.27 including tax, purchased at Michael’s on 04/08/2010
  • Spatulas (2), purchased at Dollar Tree on 09/13/2010, $2.19 including tax.
  • Spatula (1), purchased at Dollar Tree on Oct. 2010, $1.08 including tax.
  • 6 cm dia Pomponets (12) and 1.25″ dia, 10″ long rippled rolling pin (1), purchased at e-bay, $27.96 including S/H on 09/10/2010


Cookie Scoop:  Norpro Scoop Stainless Steel, 35MM (1 Tablespoon)  $10.91 at as of July 3, 2010.  ($13.35 when I ordered on Oct 22, 2009, using 4 for 3 promotion.)  Actual capacity is 12.15 CC (less than 1 TBSP), diameter 3.2 cm, depth 1.9 cm.  Very handy, although it has a little difficulty in letting the dough go when the dough is sticky.  You could buy a similar scoop at Wal-mart or a local grocery store such as Fry’s in Arizona, possibly cheaper.  The goal of having this scoop is to make each cookie a consistent size and shape.  It can also be used for meat balls, scooping melon, etc.  My rating: 3 stars (out of 5).  Dishwasher safe.  I don’t regret purchasing; but I don’t think it was a necessity.  Just a teaspoon would have been enough for home baking.

Tsukemono Spring Container:  Japanese Tsukemono Pickle Press, available at Japanese Grocery Stores,  some Asian Grocery Stores or  If you can’t find one, substitute with a plastic/glass/ceramic container with weight (such as clean and sanitized stones etc.)  The lids are easy to be broken/cracked after repeated usage, which causes their lids not to be able to close.  The presses that I have (pictures shown below) don’t function since the lids would not close.  Therefore, I use plastic wrap and clear packing tape to close the lids.

Bowl Scrapers: Tovolo Spatulart Silicone Measurement Conversion Bowl Scraper purchase at $10 each on April 26, 2010. ( $9.07 – $10 at as of July 23, 2010.  )  Good bowl scrapers.  4 stars (out of 5). I wish there was a smaller size.  Lack of straight edge is a cons.

Bowl Scraper: $.59 + tax$.05 = $.64 purchased at ABC Inc on July 10, 2010.  3 stars out of 5 stars.  Round edge needs to be more round.

Norpro 5″ pie pans (set of four) : purchased at ABC Decorating Supplies Cake Arts, Inc in Phoenix, AZ on July 10, 2010 at $8.99+tax $0.84 = $9.83. (Norpro Nonstick Pie Pan Set Of Four $9.99 at as of July 13, 2010 )

Fat Daddio’s Removable Bottom Mini Tart Pan 4 1/4″ diameter(QTY 2): purchased at ABC Decorating Supplies Cake Arts Inc on July 10, 2010 at $2.95 + tax $.27 = $3.22 each. ($ 6.44 for two)

Fat Daddio’s Removable Bottom Fluted Tart Pan 22g,  DIA 6.5″ x H 1″: purchased at ABC Decorating Supplies on July 10, 2010 at $2.49 + tax $.23 = $2.72.  Good Price!

  • Opening 1/2″ , 7 triangular teeth Open Star Decoration Tip: $1.59 + tax $.15 = $1.74 purchase at ABC Decorating Supplies on July 10, 2010 (Similar to Ateco #826, $1.95 + S/H online )
  • Opening about 2 cm, Basket Weave Ribbon Decoration Tip: $1.69 + tax $.16 = $1.85 purchase at ABC Decorating Supplies on July 10, 2010 (Similar to Ateco #898 (which has 1″ opening), $1.95 + S/H online )
  • Saint-Honore Decoration Tip with V-shaped Cut: Mr. Blu made it for me by modifying my existing platic tip. (Similar to Ateco #880, $1.60 + S/H $ 8.91 at and $1.95 + S/H elsewhere online)  Simply V shaped cut: you can just cut a disposable plastic bag and make it easily; however, it is difficult to keep the consistent shape.  Thus I asked Mr. Blu to make it for me since the S/H is around $10 and it is ridiculous to pay $12 for a single tip.  ABC did not have one.

  • plastic decoration tip sets (2 sets) that I bought about 20 years ago in USA: original plastic bag was permanently attached to the connector tips; however, the plastic deteriorated and therefore I removed it.  One of the star tips was used to make a Saint-Honore tip above.  1 star out of 5.  It does not function well compared to metal tips.
  • 4 small tips at the bottom: old Decoration Tips that I bought about 30 years ago in Japan.
  • The right bottom: #366 Wilton Leaf Decoration Tip, priced $1.89 got half off w Michael’s Coupon $.95 + tax $.09 + $1.04.  (Not useful at all.  Opening is too small.) 1 star out of 5.

  • Round Decoration Tips:03/29/2008.  largest one $1.59, other 7 tips $1.49 each, tax $1, total $13.02 for 8 tips,  purchase at ABC Supplies
  • Round Decoration Tip: the smallest one, purchase in Japan 30 years ago.

Plain Round Ateco Cutters #5357, 11 piece set 3/4″ to 3  5/8″, $14.99 purchased 10/22/2007 at (Ateco Cookie Cutter Sets $14.65 at as of July 13,  2010.) 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Wilton Dia 7″ x H 4.5″ Angel Food Tube Pan,  $12.99 (regular price) -50% Off Coupon => $6.49 + tax $0.53 => $7.02, at Jo-Ann, purchased on 10/08/2007. (Michael’s also sells it, the same price.)  5 stars out of 5 stars.

Dough Cutter: purchased at Wal-Mart long time ago.

Pizza Stone

Scales: Max 100 g (0.01 g precision), Max 300 g (0.01 g precision: $16.69 including S/H  June 2010), Max 500 g (0.1 g precision), Mix 2 kg (0.1 g precision: $21.37 including S/H  June 2010), all purchased on e-bay.

Disposable Plastic Containers for weighing the ingredients:  Disposable Plastic Cups purchased at Sam’s Club, containers that came with store-bought jello and puddings.  They are not microwavable, nor dishwasher safe; however, it is handy to weigh the ingredients with my digital scales that have tiny plat space.

GE Microwave Oven: 1.6 kw, about $60 – $70 at Sam’s Club bought around 2009.

GE Electric Oven: equipped in a house we rent. (Not our own.)  The temperature is about 20 – 40 F lower than the actual temperature; thus I need to set 40F above target temperature when preheat and 20 F above target temperature when I bake.

Noric Microwave Covers (2): about $1.97 at Wal-Mart purchased in spring 2010.  Very handy for 10″ dishes.  Not good for small dishes.  Make sure that the vent goes above the covered area; if not, it will vacuum seal and makes it hard to remove the cover from the dish.

Wilton Fondant Rolling Pin & Rolling Pin Guiding Rings ( purchased at Micheal’s with 50% off coupons) : they work very well; but some of the plastic rolling pins at the store were not straight.  So I had to replace the pin twice. Rings work fantastic.  4 stars out of 5 stars.

Another set of rolling pin rings (#8647: $ 8.95 free shipping, spring 2010) from King Arthur Flour Catalog.  The rolling rings from King Arthur claims they fit pins with 1.5″ to 3″ diameter.  But there were two sets of rings that were too big for 2″ diameter rolling pin. 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Cake Rings (3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″,8″) diameters.  2″ or 3″ heights.

iSi North America Silicone Scraper Spatula, purchase on 04/26/2010 at $9.10 at  ($6.11 as of July 20, 2010 at very good bowl scraper. 4 out of 5 stars.

Silicon Dough cutter/scraper (#8582, King Arthur Flour catalog) $9.95, free shipping, as of Spring 2010:  Very good bowl scraper, the straight edge works very well when using a decoration bag. 4 stars out of  5 stars.

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixers, $259.99 purchased on 12/14/2007 at ($334.75 as of July 2010 at

Silicone Zone pie/tart pan 7″ diameter: very easy to unmold.  3 stars out of 5 stars. Need to be careful not to damage with sharp objects such as metal forks: use plastic forks to poke.  The bottom is too flexible: you must support the bottom with cookie sheet or cake lifter.

Pyrex Measuring Cups (8 Cup at, 2 Cup: $2.50 + tax at Fry’s, 1 Cup: $2.50 + tax at Fry’s)and Anchor Hocking Measuring Cups (4 Cup, 2 Cup, 1 Cup, at wal-mart):  Both will be referred to Pyrex Measuring cups in my blog,  Anchor Hocking Brands are cheaper, but functions as good as Pyrex.  Both measuring cup drips and spills liquid even though you are very careful; they are not simply well designed.  So you need to place some large plate underneath just in case of spilling.  Since they are microwave oven safe, they are very handy.  I use it to whip the cream and eggs with handmixer, when the amount is very little.

Anchor Hocking, 5.75″ diametner, 20 oz bakeware, with rid 13.7 cm diameter 2 cm depth (I use the rid as a small pie plate.), purcahsed in June 2010 at Albertson’s, about $5.69 + tax.

Gomasuri, Sesame Seed Grinder (ゴマすり器):purchased more than 25 years ago in Japan, my dog ate part of the cover, when he was young. (Picture taken so that eaten parts are not visible.) Available at and Asian Grocery Stores.

Presto Cooldaddy Deep Fryer: purchased at Kohl’s on 10/29/2007, $31.34 including tax. Christmas Sales.  揚げものに便利です。(台所が汚くならない。)

Ateco Fluted Round Cookie Cutter Set: about $19.99? purchase at Smart&Final in around 2010.

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor: purchased at Wal-Mart in about 2005? It was about $30?

Metal Loaf Pans:

  • EKCO 9″x5″x2.5″, purchased at Wal-Mart 20+years ago.
  • Good Cook 8″x4″x2″ (QTY 4), purchased at Albertson’s on sale, 2007?
  • Good Cook  5.75”x3″x2″, purchased at Albertson’s on sale, 2007?
  • 8″x3.75″x2 3/8″ Aluminium Foil (QTY 3), purchased at Wal-Mart in 2007?

Proctor Silex mini chopper: purchased in spring, 2010, about $7.99? at Fry’s grocery store. Convenient for small amount of chopping.

Rival Ice Cream Machine: purchase at Gayfers in early 1980′s, about $69.99 + tax.   The container must be frozen before use.  The knob to support the structure of the machine broke; thus the 4×6 wooden piece is supporting the machine straight. The machine of this kind must be very cheap right now.  It can handle only a little bit of the ingredients.  NOT a good machine: 1 star out of 5 stars.

Pyrex Rectangular Dishes:

  • A set of 13″x9″x2″, 3 QT Pyrex Dish and 8″x8″x2″, 2 QT Pyrex Dish: purchased at Wal-Mart in 2009?
  • Anchor Hocking Ovenware, Loaf Dish, 5.25″x9″x2.75″, 1.5 QT, 13.5cmx23cmx7cm, 1.5 L: purchased at Wal-Mart in 1980′s.

Strainers and a skimmer:




Vita-Mix 5200:

Bosch Universal Plus (no blender: MUM6N10UC)  $359.99, Additional Cookie Paddles & Metal Whip Drive MUZ6CP2 $29.99, Additional Batter Whisks, Pair MUZ6DB2 $11.99,  Total $401.97 purchased on 08/03/2010 at Pleasant Hill Grain:   I do NOT recommend this product.  Kitchen Aid or Hand mixer do better job in cookie dough mixing and egg white whipping.  The gap between whisks/blades is too large to efficiently mix the ingredients.  Also because of the same reason, the ingredients would stick to the inner column of the mixer bowl; thus one needs to stop the machine and scrape off the splashed ingredients down unreasonably frequently.    The only Pro of this product is that relatively quiet in operating, compared to Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  For a family of 5 or less people, this machine is too big.  But the Bosch Compact stand mixer is not supported by the manufacture any more, according to the various vendors.  For bread kneading, it seems to be better than Kitchen Aid especially when the amount of dough is small.  However, the result of kneading by Bosch is not any better than using a food processor and hand kneading.  If you have hand mixer, Kitchen Aid Stand mixer, and Food Processor, there is absolutely NO need to buy Bosch.  Cookie Dough Hooks are useless due to extreme gap from inner column surfaces.  It is not worth $29.99.  Additional batter whisks are not necessary either.  It claims that it can whip as little as one egg, efficiently, which Kitchen Aid miserably fails to achieve.  However, this machine also do much worse job than hand mixer, and take much longer time.

Rectangular Comb ( 角コーム):The front is a comb for the hair, which can be used as a substitute for the rectangular comb.  The two combs in the back are made by cutting 5 mm squares, every other times, with scissors, out of the outer package for Gillette Lasor.  Any  hard plastic used for packaging products can be used for this purpose. It is free.  正面は髪のためのコームで角コームの代わりにつかえます。バックの2つは、ジレットのかみそりが入っていた外装のプラスチック製パッケージに5mmの四角いジグザグを交互にはさみできりこんだものです。商品の外装に使われている固いプラスチックをすてずにとっておいて、コームづくりにつかえばいいです。(ただだから)

Homemade French Lame (自家製クープ用ブレード): to slash loaves before baking.  The blade can be purchased any hardware store in the USA.  I bent the blade by hands (be careful not to cut yourself: wear gloves if necessary.)  The curved blade would not stick to the dough as much as straight blade.  French Lame can be purchased at $6.95 (S/H free ) at King Arthur online; but I am frugal. The top of the blade is safe to touch.  I keep it in a container for cosmetic craem that you would normally discard, in order not to cut myself while storing. 日本だと、かみそりの刃とわりばしでつくれるのでしょうが、米国には同じ刃がないので、ハードウェアストアで刃をかってきて、それを手でまげてみました。割り箸をくっつけられないので、そのまま刃の上の部分(ここは触っても大丈夫)をもってつかいます。専用の容器は化粧クリームがはいっていたものを洗ったものをつかっています。


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