Asian Ingredients available in the USA

All Asian Ingredients below can be easily purchased at Asian Grocery Stores in the USA.  Focus on Japanese and Korean Grocery Sections.  Korean Products are usually less expensive than Japanese Products.   None of the items shown below are expensive.  Some are largely available at regular American supermarkets.

Japanese Curry Roux Sauce : available at American supermarkets. Brands:S&B or  House

Dashi No Moto ( だしの素 ): Japanese Umami Seasoning, can be substituted with Hondashi. Brand: シマヤ

Gara Soup (ガラスープ):Chinese Style Chicken Stock Powdered Soup

Mirin (みりん):Japanese Sweet Rice Wine (Takara Mirin 375 ml, $2.79+tax $.24-10%off =$2.73, at Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket, as of 7/28/2010)

Chinese Hot Chili Oil (Mongolian Fire Oil,  辣油、ラー油, available in American supermarkets)

sesame oil: available at American supermarkets

Chinese Chili Bean Sauce (豆板醤)

Inari Age (Dried Bean Curd): sometimes available in American Supermarkets

Aka Miso  (赤味噌)

Kombu/Konbu/Kelp (昆布)


Kezuri Bushi/Katsuo Bushi (削り節、鰹節、Dried Bonita Flakes)

Rice Stick (ビーフン、米粉、Bun Gao)

Nori Tsukudani (のりの佃煮、海苔佃煮、laver boiled down in sweetened soy, Seasoned Seaweed :BRAND ごはんですよ。)

Fermented Korean Hot Pepper Paste (コチジャン)

Arajio (Natural Sea Salt, 粗塩)

Potato Starch (Katakuri-Ko, 片栗粉)

Aojiru (青汁粉末):milled freeze dried greens

Jo-Shin-Ko (上新粉、RICE FLOUR)

Aonori-Ko (青海苔粉)

Wheat Starch (うき粉)

Sweat Potato Starch

Kinako (きな粉)

Shiratama-Ko (白玉粉 Glutinous Rice Flour)

Umeboshi Pickles (梅干)

Tapioca Starch (タピオカ デンプン)

Yakinori (焼き海苔)

Plum & Soysauce Extract (梅醤エキス:You can substitute with mashed Umeboshi (Plum Pickles) and Soy Sauce)

Korean Rice: $10-$11 /25 LB,  half the price of Japanese Rice which is about $22-24 /25LB.  It is very similar to Japanese Rice, except slightly less sticky.  I used to buy Japanese Rice; but recently I switched to Korean Rice since it is affordable and the quality is not any less.

Japanese/Korean short or medium rice grains price list (at Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket, as of July 28, 2010。 Number of asterisks: how good I think the taste is.)

  • Kokuhou(国宝) $18.99 / 20 LB  ***
  • Miyako(みやこ) $16.99 / 20 LB
  • Shirakiku (白菊)$16.99 / 20 LB
  • Nishiki Brown (にしき、玄米) $19.99 / 20 LB
  • Ree Chan Korean Rice $10.99 / 20 LB  ***
  • Ree Chan Brown Korean Rice $16.99 /20 LB  ***
  • Hikari(ひかり) $24.99 / 20 LB  *****
  • Nishiki (にしき) $14.99 / 5 LB  ****
  • Sukoyaka (健やか、発芽玄米)$24.99 / 15 LB ***
  • Matsuri (まつり) $24.99 / 15 LB
  • Tamanishiki (玉錦)$20.99 / 15 LB  ****
  • Hitomebore (ひとめぼれ)$22.99 / 15 LB  ****

Shoukou-Shu (紹興酒: Shao Hsing V. O. Rice Wine):This particular one is made in Taiwan, which differs from the one made in Mainland China.  The Shao Hsing Rice Wine made in Mainland China is better.

Spring Roll Shells/Skins (春巻皮)

Kabocha Winter Squash/ Pumpkin (かぼちゃ、南瓜): $1.18+tax-10% off = $1.15 for 1.49 LB ( $0.79/LB) as of 07/28/2010 at Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket.

Oyster Sauce

Agar (2x2LB, $90.84、 about year 2007)

Tororo Combu (とろろ昆布、shavings of tangle, shredded tangle or kelp)

Hayashi Rice Sauce Mix

Yuzu Koshou ( $4.99 + tax for about 2.25 oz jar, at Lee Lee Oriental Grocery Store at Phoenix.) ゆずこしょう

Pearl Barley ( Korean Grocery Section at Lee Lee Oriental Market, $2.29 + tax  for 1 LB, product of USA) 大麦

Digestive Biscuit ( $2.29 + tax for 300g, Prodcut of Singapore) ダイジェスティヴ ビスケット

Best Roasted Chestnuts without Shells, ($0.99 for 150 g, Product of China, 天津甘栗)


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